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Vision & Mission



The aim of Manthan Narmada Lok-Vigyan Kendra is to spread the concept of Sustainable Development, Educational Development and Community Development through the means of Science Communication and Development oriented activities in the district of Narmada. Thus bringing a concept of overall growth in the district of Narmada in the approach of socio-economic and educational development. 



Manthan Narmada Lok Vigyaan Kendra also known as the Community Science Centre is an initiative of Manthan Educational Programme Society, India aimed towards spreading science awareness amongst rural and tribal communities. Situated in the Narmada, which is a predominantly tribal district of Gujarat state with a massive tribal belt; the centre simplifies science through traditional toys, demonstrations and exhibitions for a wide audience that includes children, women, farmers and other local communities.  The centre is supported by GUJCOST, Government of Gujarat.

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