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Vigyan Safar

Often students and community in rural areas would not get access to information about science and its related subjects. This certainly creates a gap in knowledge and limits application of science in daily life. To bridge this, the Centre developed a mobile exhibition known as Vigyan Safar, which travels to different villages and schools with various scientific models and experiments. This is a constant effort to make science education creative and interactive, so that students get interested in exploring science more. The exhibition is usually taken on vans or bikes, so that it reaches distant villages with ease. Activities are planned with a focus on scientific phenomena’s, science days, Adhi Aushadhi – traditional medicines, diversity of India, engineering aspects of the Statue of Unity, currencies in use and natural resources. Sessions are demonstrated through creative displays, models and storytelling, with the use of traditional toys. Complexities of science is thus simplified and communicated through creative ways.

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