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Our Goal

‘Manthan Narmada Lok Vigyaan Kendra’, is a community science centre is a programme initiated by Manthan Educational Programme Society, India aimed towards spreading science awareness amongst rural and tribal communities. Situated in the Narmada district of Gujarat state with a massive tribal belt, the centre is supported by GUJCOST under the Government of Gujarat.

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Spreading Science

Science as a subject is often considered as difficult to study and only meant for a few. We have shattered that belief and have made science accessible for one and all through interactive games, communication materials, traditional toys and hands-on demonstrations.

Promoting Sustainability

We are focused on making traditional wisdom and knowledge an active part of our activities. This way we remain connected to the roots while we make use of scientific theories and modern day discoveries to engage people in science communication. 

Serving Community

We work towards achieving a balance in the society, therefore focus on socio-economic welfare of the community through seamless knowledge about aspects that matter. Community development is at the core of our activities, which makes it possible to enhance and enrich their lives for a better tomorrow.   

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Recent Activities

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